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Briefings & policy papers

I write and edit short papers that summarise critical thinking and make recommendations for policy and practice.

World Health Organization | 2022

20pp. Writing, including figure mock-ups. Published.

World Health Organization | 2022

11pp. Subedit. Published.

Putting vaccines to use with an ultra-cold chain (UCC) system

World Health Organization | 2021

8pp briefing for country and programme focal points.

Structural edit. Unpublished.

The Western Pacific in 2022: a new normal in five dimensions

WHO Western Pacific Regional Office | 2020

8pp. Writing, including figure mock-ups. Unpublished. (Also re-drafted as a shorter, 4pp version).

World Health Organization | 2020

24pp. Subedit, figure mock-ups. Published.

Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development | 2017

8pp. Structural edit. Published.

International Institute for Environment and Development | 2016

2pp. Writing. Published.

Staff writer 2011 - 2016

International Institute for Environment and Development

4pp. Structural editing and ghostwriting. Examples at:

Briefings & policy papers: Articles
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