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Examples of my work

I have more than two decades of experience helping organisations communicate with policymakers, practitioners, academics and the general public. See below for links to examples of products I have worked on in recent years.

Work examples: Welcome
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Image by UX Indonesia
Image by Edwin Andrade

These documents, which vary in length, summarise evidence and critical thinking. They often target expert audiences but may also be used to engage the general public.

These include toolkits, practical guides and technical guidance for use by practitioners and other stakeholders at global, national or local levels.

These include procedural reports from closed meetings or for general publication as well as narrative reports from consultations or workshops and live blogs from events.

Generally written for decision makers of different kinds, these short papers summarise research activities and findings and make policy recommendations.

Image by Gaelle Marcel
Image by Guille Álvarez
Image by Amar De
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These communications use various formats and may or may not be published. They set out plans and objectives to inform stakeholders and donors.

These include products that promote key activities or achievements to a general audience, as well as internal reports on organisational policies and procedures.

These include specific feature, news, opinion and editorial articles, as well as general newsletters and round-ups.

These include a diverse range of communications, from slide decks and websites to posters and photo stories, most often used to engage the general public.

Work examples: Articles
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